Welcome Home

Every now and then we break out of the confinements of a sermon series and teach relevant, topical messages.

Love of Another Kind

This month we'll be digging into scripture and discovering how we as Christians are to love.


Real Life is found in Jesus. When we follow and trust Jesus we are no longer dead - he makes us alive!


Living Out What We Claim To Believe


In the Christmas story people are overjoyed at the coming of Christ! Zechariah, Mary, the Wise Men, and - all of them were overjoyed

Home Improvements

Everybody knows their house needs regular maintenance to keep things in good repair. But we sometimes fail to recognize how much our homes n

Joseph: A Journey of Many Colors

For the next 8 weeks we are looking at Joseph's life and the lessons he learned along the way.

John 15

All month long we're walking through John 15.

Questions & Answers

People have real, important, difficult questions.


What is our part in a bigger story?


What are you pursuing? Pleasure? Fame? Money? Knowledge? Success? Solomon experienced all of these things and then said, "I have seen

Best Christmas Ever

Money, stress, family, and loss. All of these things are on our minds during the holidays, yet on the outside we put on a smile in an attem

Move: Becoming The People of God

Where God wants us to be is better than where we are right now! Do you have the courage to MOVE?

Reaching Out To Others

What does it look like to reach beyond ourselves and value people?

Reaching Around One Another

What does it look like to reach around one another?

Reaching Up To God

How do we reach up to God?

Anatomy of a Movement

Pastor Johnny Mcallister talks about what sets of circumstances can lead to a movement of God.


We are spending the whole month of July going the entire chapter of Proverbs.

The King Is Among Us

We are wrapping up our nearly year long look at the book of Matthew!

Mother's Day

A one-off message geared toward mother's and families

The King Is Coming

Jesus said a few things about when he returns. We are looking at what he said and what it means for us today.

Passion of the King

We are teaching on the days leading up to the crucifixion.

Loving. Living. Fighting.

These next three weeks we are wrapping up our study of some of the parables found in the Bible by looking at how to love, live, and resolve

Stories of the King

Exploring the parables of Jesus in the book of Matthew

Jim Martin Retirement

We celebrated Jim Martin's 62 years of ministry!


Continuing with our The King Is Among Us focus, we are taking the Christmas season to explore what it means to have God With Us.


What does outward revival look like? What happens when God's people start to take the news of Christ to those around them?

The King Is Among Us

We're kicking off our year long campaign with a walk through the book of Matthew.

My Judea

Join us as we explore what it means to live a missionally-minded life.