What is Launch Team?

As Christians, we are not being obedient to Christ until we are serving Christ! Matthew 28 makes it clear that as we are going we are to be making disciples! The Launch Team is an opportunity for students to not wait until they are adults to begin serving the Body of Christ and making disciples. Students will learn their spiritual gifts, how to share their faith, basic apologetics, and have opportunities to experiment in different areas of serving before committing to serving in one specific ministry in the church.

The Goal

The goal is to be LAUNCHED into ministry!

The purpose of the Launch Team is to equip students for greater impact in an identifiable ministry within the church body in their area of giftedness. We want to launch these students out into the church and into the world, changing it for Christ!

The Launch Team will NOT meet on Sunday mornings throughout the school year because we will be SERVING in the church body on a Sunday morning along with participating in a worship service. However, the Launch Team will be getting together on Wednesday nights from 7:00 - 8:30 PM for personal spiritual growth, biblical equipping, prayer for those who are not yet Christians, training in evangelism, and spiritual care.

Additionally, the purpose is for students to graduate from high school confident in their knowledge of the Scripture, confident in how they can serve the Church, and confident in peer care and evangelism. There are two opportunities to join the Launch Team, once in the fall and once in the spring (August and January). The Launch Team is available for any student going into 10th — 12th grade.

What Am I Committing To?

Committed to a Relationship with Christ

I acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life and have a personal relationship with him.

Committed to Growing in Christ

I am committing to spiritual growth through the consistent habits of:

  • time with God (prayer)
  • personal Bible Study (devotions)
  • accountability with other believers (Sunday PM)
  • involvement with church body (Sunday AM worship service)
  • giving (tithing)

Committed to Serving Because of Christ

I am committing to contributing to or leading a ministry on a consistent basis.
I am not being obedient to Christ until I am serving.

Committed to Living a “No Doubt” Lifestyle

I am committing to choices, lifestyle, and attitudes that are godly, knowing that my leadership is a model for other students. Knowing full well that if I do not make godly choices, there will be appropriate discussions and accountability. Your character and integrity are HUGE!

Committed to the Student Ministry

  • I am committing to participate in a weekly Sunday morning worship service & Wednesday night gatherings.
  • I am committing to participate, during the school year, in a weekly Sunday night Collide.
  • I am committing to greet other students, in order to create a warm environment, at all the programs I attend.
  • I am committing to understand the planned values and the maturity process of the Student Ministries’ programs.

Successfully Completed the Course ENGAGE

I have successfully completed the yearlong Jim Sittler Engage small group.
I am confident in the Scripture and eager to apply its truths.

High Requirements High Rewards

This is a tall order. We’re asking a lot from student servants and because of this, we realize leadership isn’t for everyone. If being a part of this is not for you, don’t worry about it. Not being involved in the Launch Team isn’t necessarily a measure of your spiritual maturity. We are committed to you & want to help you continue to grow spiritually regardless of your involvement. Although we’re asking for a considerable commitment from our Launch Team, there are also benefits. A student has high requirements, but it also has high rewards. Part of the high rewards is they receive is more intense time with the high school staff. We want to invest in the lives of our leaders: Those who are willing to do hard things, sharing Christ with their friends, and yearning to serve.

To The Parents

We are especially concerned about the family life of our student servants. We don’t want to create a ton of programs to keep students out every night of the week. Spiritual growth does not necessarily require sacrificing family time and commitments. However, we always desire to feed the hungry. Therefore, we want to create an opportunity to pour deeper into those interested in taking their faith to another level.

As far as a time commitment, we’re asking our leadership students to be out one week night (meetings on Wednesday evenings), participate in one worship service on Sunday mornings, and actively serve on Sunday morning & Sunday night. Please make sure your son or daughter is able to take this on along with all other academic commitments as well. Should grades slip, students will be asked to step away from this opportunity.

Once your son or daughter has filled out the application and has gone through the interview, we will contact him or her to make sure they understand and can support the commitments.

What parents can expect from our high school staff:

  1. We will Model Christian leadership for your kids.
  2. We will Mentor them in their leadership development.
  3. We will Monitor their growth as student leaders.
  4. We will Motivate them through encouragement and feedback.
  5. We will encourage them to Multiply by sharing their giftedness with others.

How To Join the Launch Team

  1. Prayerfully consider all the commitments.
  2. Talk with your family and evaluate the commitments.
  3. Fill out the application (on the following pages).
  4. Turn in your answers AND schedule an interview with Jordan

Launch Team Application

Take time to think through and to answer these questions. The questions are supposed to challenge you—that’s the point! Be specific and thorough. If you don’t know what is being asked, please ask your parents or Jordan Chapple. Most importantly, enjoy it! None of us are perfect, so allow yourself to be stretched! Turn in your application to Jordan Chapple .

Application Entry