What is Launch Team?

Our student ministry is passionate about coming alongside students as they are formed into life-long followers of Jesus. We recognize that when they graduate high school, students often are left without the same formational ministries and left wondering where to go from there. The Launch Team is an opportunity for students to not wait until they are adults to begin serving the Body of Christ and making disciples. Students will learn their spiritual gifts, how to share their faith, basic apologetics, and have opportunities to experiment in different areas of serving before committing to serving in one specific ministry in the church.

The Goal

The goal is to be LAUNCHED into ministry!

The purpose of the Launch Team is to equip students for greater impact in an identifiable ministry within the church body in their area of giftedness. We want to launch these students out into the church and into the world, changing it for Christ!

Joining Launch Team

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. The student ministry staff will receive the application and schedule a time to meet with you and your parents to talk about what this commitment will mean and what next steps will look like.

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