Grace Ministry

Grace Ministry, is a ministry for special needs students that ministers to the spiritual, social and physical needs according to the developmental needs of the student.

This ministry is a support ministry to parents that enables them to worship while their student is worshipping.

Grace Ministry is currently meeting at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday morning. Our new curriculum uses best practices and visual supports, as the students are familiar with from school, to teach Biblical truths. Each month focuses on 1 biblical truth supported by a story, memory verse, and a weekly motor and communication activity goes along with the lesson. Repetition allows a student to internalize the biblical truth being taught. 

Serving Opportunities

  • Teach one Sunday a month

  • Substitute servants

  • Curriculum Prep

    Someone to prep the curriculum once a month (copying and assembling supplies needed for a month).

If you have a heart for one-on-one ministry and special needs, or want to learn more, contact Debbie using the button below!