Good Boundaries & Goodbyes

  • February 21
  • Tuesdays at 6 PM
  • Room 112
  • 13.00
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Relationships are wonderful . . . until they're not.

This study, by author Lysa TerKeurst, helps you stop the dysfunction of unhealthy relationships by showing you biblical ways to set boundaries--and, when necessary, say goodbye--without losing the best of who you are.

Is it unloving or selfish to set a boundary? Are Christians ever called to walk away from a relationship that’s no longer safe or sustainable? Lysa TerKeurst deeply understands these hard questions in the midst of relational struggles.

In this study you will learn how to:

  • Understand the five factors to remember when implementing healthy boundaries.
  • Stop being misled and emotionally paralyzed by wrongly interpreted or weaponized scriptures that perpetuate unhealthy dynamics in difficult relationships.
  • Overcome the frustrating cycle of ineffective boundary-setting with realistic scripts and practical strategies to help you communicate, keep, and implement healthier patterns.
  • Be equipped to say goodbye without guilt when a relationship has shifted from difficult to destructive and is no longer sustainable.


Margaret Taylor