• April 21
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A time when women gather together to worship through singing and opening our Bibles to remind ourselves we are not alone and that God is who we need to face the challenges of life.

This event is two days:

  • April 21 from 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (Check-in begins at 6:15 PM)
  • April 22 from 9 AM - 4 PM (Check-in begins at 8:45 AM)

This conference includes video break-out sessions like:

Building a Resilient Life

Speaker: Rebekah Lyons

What if the trials, adversity, and stress we face don’t have to break us? Rebekah Lyons believes we can actually become more resilient people by not choosing to move past the pain as quickly as possible, but embracing it. Join Rebekah and discover a way to build your own resilient life, encounter the God who offers you a peace beyond understanding, a hope beyond today, and a strength and joy you never even knew you had.

How (Not) To Save the World: Revealing God's Love to the People Right Next to You

Speaker: Hosanna Wong

Sharing your faith with friends and family can often feel scary, intimidating, and super awkward. It turns out, you can naturally share God’s love in your everyday life. Hosanna Wong helps us embrace our own story as a way to naturally share our faith, discover effective ways to fight for loved ones who are in a tough place, and show others how valuable they are to God.

The Best of You: Break Free from Painful Patterns & Discover Your True Self in God

Speaker: Dr. Alison Cook

We all want to give the best of ourselves to others. But what happens when others take advantage and get the best of us? How do you care for family, friends, and co-workers without letting your own needs get pushed to the back-burner? Join Dr. Alison Cook, author of The Best of You, as she helps us break free from painful patterns, mend our past, and discover our true self in God.

The Story of The Bible

Speaker: Joel Muddamalle

The Bible can feel incredibly intimidating and overwhelming. So many authors, books, genres, and historical events all packed into a narrative that spans over thousands of years. But it’s actually all one story—the story of God coming to get His people back. Join Joel Muddamalle, as we explore the story of the Bible, how it informs our view of God, ourselves, and how we interact with Scripture.


Brenda Miller