Thy Will Be Done

7/1/2018 - 8/5/2018

Prayer….God’s Word calls us to it. Scripture gives us examples of it. Even Jesus taught us how to do it. Yet, followers of Jesus comment over and over how difficult it is to pray. Those who are recent followers of Jesus wonder if they are doing it right. Those who have followed Jesus for years admit that it is still something that they find challenging. Just last week I heard a fellow pastor comment, “Prayer is really hard for me!”

So what should we do? Do we give it our best attempt and hope God hears us? Do we dive in and do an in-depth study on what prayer is and how it is done? Do we simply talk to God like we are having a conversation? Do we go back to school to learn how to become better pray-ers?

During this month we will engage in daily activities together to help us in this area of prayer. We will hear from God’s Word on Sunday mornings to encourage us. We will use the prayers of the Bible to help us pattern our own prayer life. We will equip you with various tools to hopefully make prayer less intimidating. More importantly, we will see how God moves in this church as His people begin to pray.

In This Series

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  4. Thy Will Be Done: Part 4
  5. Thy Will Be Done: Part 5